Advanced Orthogonal

Advanced Orthogonal is the latest development of the upper cervical instrument adjusting techniques.  It was developed by Dr. Stan Pierce, Sr. in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  It utilizes a table-mounted instrument to deliver a gentle percussion wave adjustment.  Before an adjustment can be given, a three-dimensional set of neck x-rays is taken to determine the precise position of the atlas in respect to the skull above and the cervical vertebrae below.  Great care is taken to ensure the x-rays are reliable and show the natural posture of the patient.  These x-rays are analyzed for the presence of vertebral misalignments with respect to any anatomical aberrancies that might be present.

adv_orth3 adv_orth4 adv_orth5

For the adjustment, the patient is positioned on the table based on their unique misalignment pattern and anatomy, creating the leverage necessary for the gentle adjustment.  A single, precise impulse is delivered to make the correction.  Most people do not even feel it.  Advanced Orthogonal percussion wave adjusting minimizes patient discomfort while maximizing the accuracy of upper cervical spinal misalignment correction.  After the adjustment, two new x-rays are taken to ensure that positive structural changes have been achieved.  Subsequent adjustments are influenced by the changes noted in the post-adjustment x-rays.


The goal of this, and all upper cervical techniques, is to create lasting change.  By being as precise and gentle as possible, the atlas stays in the corrected position for longer and longer periods of time, allowing the body to re-balance and function as it should.